If your only experience of the Olympics is through NBC …

In Culture, Sports, The news biz on August 16, 2008 at 8:07 pm

… you’d think they consisted of swimming, synchronized diving, women’s (pfft, as if these 12-year-olds masquerading as 16-year-olds could be called “women”) gymnastics and volleyball. 

If your experience of the Olympics is through ESPN reports, you’d think it consisted of the U.S. men’s basketball “redeem” team. 

Maybe it’s just rotten luck, but I have yet to tune in and catch so much as track and field, let alone the exotica of pentathlon, sailing, handball, archery, judo, Greco-Roman wrestling or table tennis. I presume I’m in the minority, but for me that’s a big part of the fun of the Olympics: people who are fantastic at stuff I don’t usually see. I’ve seen LeBron James before, I don’t need to see more of him during his off-season. 

I understand the excitement over Michael Phelps, but does that mean we have to watch every qualifying race in the pool, including the ones he’s not in? Or could NBC not afford to set up cameras for pole vaulting?

  1. I love Michael Phelps but totally agree… where are some of the other event coverages, especially pole vaulting. I would have loved to see some of the finals in pole vaulting as well.

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