Spitzer’s gift to the world: Comedic opportunity

In Ashley Alexandra Dupré, client 9, Cops and crime, N.C., Politics, spitzer, The news biz, Unfettered stupidity on March 13, 2008 at 3:59 am

Salon.com’s Farhand Majoo says the NYT picked up a lot of bio on Ex. Gov. Spitzer’s prostitute from her Myspace page. And, the NYT sez, she lived in N.C. in 2003, but I’m damned if I can find out where. Working on that. She would have been known as Ashley Youmans back then, so if you knew her some years back, drop me a line, eh? Since then, according to the NYT, she’s changed her name legally to Ashley Rae Maika DiPietro, her stage name is Ashley Alexandra Dupré and, of course, she’s known in court documents as “Kristen.” The best part of her story, right now, is the commentary that wags have left behind.

From amiestreet.com, where you can buy her crappy dance tune:

an angel and a devil with the sultry voice of a high class woman from the streets, ashley brings out the uncivilized man in you as she rides you to ever higher moments for an intense ecstatic release. sensual and satisfying she earns diamonds in accolades. highly recommended and worth every penny. — client9 


Not your typical New Yorker! Seriously, I wonder what it would take to make this young woman a household name? She has a wonderful throat and more women need to be like her. Bravissimo — Edna_Bambrick (Edna Bambrick is a minor Web phenomenon.)

From Ashley/Kristen’s Myspace blog (she just has the one entry from back in August):

From P-Drizzle Fo Rizzle: “Would you charge me $4,300 too, or can we use some of the time Spitzer didn’t use?”

From Silda: “Did he make you do that thing with his socks? I am SO not doing that again.”

And then there’s the Myspace profile of Client 9. I’m uploading a screen grab on the off chance Myspace takes it down.client-9.jpg


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