Grammys love them some Herb

In Culture, Smartness on February 11, 2008 at 5:03 pm

I normally could give less than a damn about award shows. To me, they’re the ultimate in “image management” — 100 percent style; zero substance. However, I am not so secretly pleased that jazz pianist Herbie Hancock walked away with the Grammys’ biggest trophy, the album of the year, last night.

Normally, that level of Grammy success follows on the heels of selling a bajillion albums. The winner was expected to be Kanye West or Amy “Crackhead” Winehouse. But there’s no way in hell that a collection of jazz covers of Joni Mitchell tunes is going to sell more than, say, a jillion or so units. People just aren’t THAT excited about musical skill, and, as Vince Gill noted backstage, “I think Herbie Hancock, hands down, is a better musician than all of us here put together.”

Anyway, catch up on some rare, front-page (well, front of the feature section, maybe) jazz news here: Hancock Steals Grammy Album of Year

Now I’m gonna have to find this and give it a listen. 😮


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