Tears and slurs in Chapel Hill on MLK Jr. weekend

In Uncategorized on January 21, 2008 at 6:35 pm

I’m an N.C. State grad and sports fan, so I’m familiar with my old school’s culture of media-paranoia. Wolfpack fans (like most sports fans) KNOW that the media is out to get them. Granted, there’s at least some evidence dating back to the Jim Valvano witchhunt, but nowadays it’s usually irrational. But that doesn’t make media-baiting any less entertaining for Pack fans.

The latest brouhaha is over a YouTube clip taken from coverage of the UNC-CH men’s basketball team’s recent home upset at the hands of Maryland. A girl’s voice can clearly be heard saying “Go back to the ghetto!” as we see images of girls openly weeping at the end of an undefeated run.

To understand just how sweet this is from the N.C. State perspective, you may require a little bit of background.

First, in North Carolina, UNC-CH is the liberal, do-gooder, politically correct school. And it’s the holier-than-thou school. (I make no representation of fairness or freedom from bias.) UNC-CH grads will wax poetic with their memories of that terrific campus. In their minds, it has an aura. A holy aura.

Second, N.C. State fans have been called out in the local newspaper, The News and Observer, for taunting a Wake Forest player.

The Chapel Hill incident has yet to make the papers. Needless to say, the Wolfpack discussion boards are having an indignant field day. Sports radio has been having fun with it, too. Kerliner’s halo might need a little polish, on this Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.

Now, seriously, who knows whether the girl who blurted out the slur, if you can call it that, is even a student or alum at Chapel Hill. She is just one idiotic, overwrought fan among thousands. But for Pack fans, it’s a delicious opportunity to briefly savor the humbling of a mighty foe AND enjoy a moment of hypocrisy AND wallow in their own bitterness. That may not have much to do with justice, but it’s a pretty good weekend for those in red and white.

The vid:


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