So, it looks like snow in North Carolina, finally

In Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, snow, Weather on January 19, 2008 at 9:49 am

Figures it would be forecast for a day when I wanted to make a road trip. I reckon the grocery stores will be packed all day as people freak out. Southerners (I’m one, so I should know) go nuts when the smell of snow is on the wind. We drive pretty badly, too. Partly it’s lack of practice, partly it’s that none of us have snow tires or chains. Anyway, if it’s real bad, I won’t take my little trip. But if not, I reckon the main roads will be clear and by the time I get back the secondary roads should be clear or thawed.

Last time I tried to drive in snow, I got trapped in Durham for a few days. The snowy bottom dropped out of the sky while I was on I-40 east of Raleigh, on my way to visit a friend. Traffic slowed to a crawl, except for a few SUV-drivin’ soccer moms, several of whom ended up in ditches along the way. I crept for what seemed like hours to get to my friend’s house, and the neighborhood roads froze solid overnight. Down here, we’re just not prepared for that shit. “Winter weather” happens too infrequently. I missed a couple days of work for not being able to get out of his neighborhood. Finally, his live-in girlfriend got so sick of me, I had to dig out the best I could. The main roads were fine, but the back roads were still iced up. I managed to make it out without power-sliding into anything. Or anyone.

Anyway, here’s the latest news update on the weather.

And, if you’re like SmartNews, you go to Weather Underground to see what’s what.


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