Is anyone really buying the latest Mideast peace thing?

In Politics, Unfettered stupidity on November 27, 2007 at 8:52 pm

Every so often, the United States tries to make Israelis and Palestinians sit down together and play nice. And then someone shoots, bombs and/or gives the finger to someone else, and it’s back to business as usual. I don’t know whether these attempts at peacemaking are sincere, if it’s a matter of each president wanting to be the one who’s known for finally pulling it off (In your face, Nobel laureate Jimmy Carter!) or if it’s just a show of decency while we happily prop up the bitter status quo.

Solution to the problem: Most people talk in terms of two full-fledged, autonomous states, one Israeli and Jewish, the other Arab and (presumably) Islamic. One of these states thrives (albeit with massive, massive military aid from us.) But many Israelis will be damned before they see a true Palestinian state emerge. Meanwhile, Israel has been building a wall around Palestinian territories — to keep out the suicide bombers, but also to turn Arab territories into a giant internment camp.

What both sides really need is a fat dollop of representative democracy — one state solution. Alas, neither side can tolerate the other long enough to just vote their differences into abeyance.

Anyway, the mainstream press is really into it. I think the conflict in Israel gets more attention from the U.S. press than it deserves (great, now I’m a contributor), and the story of failure there has been repeated too many times for most Americans to give a damn. Meanwhile, here are some links:

BBC: New Mid-East peace drive launched

Nothing more exciting than what politicians have to say at the outset of a meeting: Bush, Abbas, Olmert quotes at Annapolis conference

“Our region stands at a crossroads.” Your region has stood at a crossroads since 1948, Mahmoud.


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