Internships ‘n’ suchlike foolishness

In Fayetteville, N.C., The news biz on November 14, 2007 at 8:09 pm

So my friend Charles Apple, the coolest graphic artist in the biz, is doing an article on internships and recruiting. He had some questions and I always try to oblige, cos he’s good people and, quite frankly, it keeps the SmartNews name out there in the industry when we get a mention. However, Charles has a TON of connections and there’s NO WAY he can use all the blather that I send him. So I’m gonna jump the gun and post my response here. It won’t detract one whit from what he comes up with.

I love small papers, and, not only are they where I’m comfortable, but I believe they’re the future. But one of the downsides to being small is not being able to get in on the internship game. Seems like there’s never any money, or you don’t know if there’ll be money six months out — you know more like a week or two out. That’s not enough time to make arrangements with the professors and university bureaucrats, not to mention a prospective intern.

I hate to see big papers vacuuming up all the fresh collegiate talent. Don’t get me wrong, you can do great work in a big paper internship; I’m mainly just envious. But I think small papers offer a different set of opportunities. You’re probably apt to be thrown into the fire sooner and do more than just a narrow set of tasks.

So, yeah, I don’t have a budget or a form to fill out or a deadline. Just an e-mail address and a cell phone. Here’s what I’d be excited to talk with someone about:

– An illustrator who wants to cover ordinary, everyday news (cops, courts, business, sports, Fort Bragg, all of it) with a sketchpad

– A writer who’s trying to master chunky text — maybe someone who plans on breaking into magazines

– A natural born networker who thinks s/he can beef up our online-ness — not so much through mulitmedia but by making contact with actual humans and getting them involved

If that’s you or you have some other big, cool idea about perpetrating journalism that no one will listen to, drop me a line. Maybe we can figure something out for this summer.

  1. I think the record will show, my friend, that I actually did use everything you sent me for my internship post on Wednesday.

    Perhaps I did it just to prove I’m not always the longest-winded person around.

    And you’re way too kind in your compliments. Thanks.

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