Stuffing the ballot box/Hey, can you draw?

In Culture, Fayetteville, N.C., The news biz on November 9, 2007 at 8:12 pm

A week ago, we threw together a piece wherein we’d present folks with a few candidates for a SmartNews cartoon mascot and let ’em vote. You could hear a pin drop. Folks’ motivation to vote for our mascot was even lower than it was to vote in the recent municipal elections (10.3 percent turnout among registered voters.)

And then, today, the convention bureau folks suddenly started chiming in with votes for Sgt. Freedom. Now, in our military town, the common wisdom is all patriotism all the time. The slogan is, and I’m not making this up: “History, Heroes and a Hometown Feeling.” Zzzzzzz. But I digress. I rather suspect that someone’s red-white-and-blueometer went ding! without noticing that the Sgt. Freedom character might be a bit ham-fisted with regard to preserving our liberty, whether it’s under duress or not. Not an intellectual heavyweight, she. Her answer to the news of the day will be to bomb the living shit out of whoever it is. Set up a perimeter. Dig a latrine. Better yet, get KBR Halliburton on the line for a no-bid latrine contract.

Careful what you ask for from the SmartNews folks. We’s devious.

Anyway, check the Myspace blog to check out the prospective mascots. Or maybe you’ve got some illustrative skillz and would like to take a shot at a prototype. The floor’s still open, I’m in no rush.


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