Boston …

In SND Boston, The news biz on October 12, 2007 at 12:53 pm

My attempt at what my boss calls three-dot journalism from SND Boston. … My ears still haven’t fully unpopped from the flight. Something to do with the hangover from this cold. And a few drinks at Felt last night. Seriously, it was downright painful as we descended into Logan yesterday; wondered if my eardrums would burst. …

I’m sitting next to Charles Apple in the mezzanine of the hotel where the conference is. If you want to meet people in this biz, sit next to Chuck — he knows everyone. …

The taxi driver on the way in from the airport was playing some sort of Middle Eastern pop. “You like the music?” he asked. I really didn’t — it sounded like Celine Dion singing in Arabic — but, what the hell; I said, “Sure, crank it.” I asked who it was, he said “Some Lebanese singer.” …

Ran into Gina Dvorak last night at Felt. Gina and I worked together at The Desert Sun in Palm Springs. She’s doing famously at The Sun in San Bernardino, Calif., in charge of design for two publications. ….


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