Bullish on news, if not newsprint

In The news biz on September 8, 2007 at 5:35 pm

I’ve worked for more than my share of “former” newspapers. And at the surviving papers today, I’m seeing many bosses do the blame game and have ugly public panic attacks as their print products teeter on the abyss of irrelevance.

Because she’s preaching to my choir, I’m adding Charlotte-Anne to the blogroll. She’s a little ahead of my 2.0 curve, however. Reckon I best be catchin’ up:

Thanks to the wonders of Ajax, I can now have my 25 current favorite niches fed into little modules on my Netvibes start page. Among other things, I have the local weather, my three favorite news feeds, an online magazine, a half dozen journalism and news blogs, a Flickr photo montage of photos tagged “San Antonio,” a YouTube feed of video tagged “politics,” and a dynamic Craigslist search for something I’m in the market for.

And if the local news organization does something smart, like offering me a feed of content that I can’t get anywhere else – content about my neighborhood, for instance – then it will earn a piece of real estate on my Netvibes start page.

  1. You are too kind, Jim!
    As for the 2.0 part, I spend my spare time trying my damndest to stay at least two weeks ahead of my students. So far, with the help of a snorkel, I’m pulling it off.
    There are others besides Netvibes, but that’s the one that works for me.
    Here’s a rundown from Web Worker Daily on the pros and cons of the Ajax start pages: http://webworkerdaily.com/2007/01/02/top-ajax-start-pages-reviewed/

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